The mountain hostel provides 90 beds in rooms for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 persons.

It is open all year round.
We welcome both individual tourists and organized groups.

We have three large dining rooms, and a reception hall where we can organize for you meetings, conferences, events.

We also provide good wholesome home cooking, full-board, excellent cakes.
The house specialty: pancakes with ricotta, blueberries and cream.

Prices of food are between PLN 6.00 and PLN 22.00.
Hot meals are served only till 7:00 pm, the canteen is open till 8:00 pm.


room type Price
1 personPrice for a room65 zł
2 personsPrice for a room100 zł
3 personsPrice for a room135 zł
4 personsPrice for a room172 zł
5 personsPrice for a room210 zł
6 personsPrice for a room222 zł
8 osobowyPrice for a room280 zł
16 osobowyPrice for a room660 zł
Apartament*Price for a room290 zł

Fee for a dog – PLN 30 per day
Fee for bed sheets, cover and pillow – PLN10 per person
Climate fee – 2,40zł (paid in cash, which we pass to the city council)
We accept payments by cash or credit/debit cards (payments by cards are preferred).

We temporarily stopped offering individual beds in group rooms.
-Room prices may change during winter and summer season.
-Rooms have no toilets. Toilets are accessible from the hallway. Some rooms have sinks.
-* Apartment has two rooms (two double beds) and a toilet.

Currently our online reservation system accepts reservations for dates up until the end of December 23, 2021.

SCHRONISKO GÓRSKIE "SZRENICA" 1362 m n.p.m. Szklarska Poręba

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