Opening of the mountain hostel was closely connected with political situation in Karkonosze after the First World War.
When in 1918 Czechoslovakia gained independence, Czech government limited the rights of former owners and landlords of mountain hostels on the Czech side.
That is what happened to the owner of neighbouringVosecka Buda, MrEndler.


At the beginning of 1921, Endler was denied a permit for further hostel operation.
This decision angered the Germans on the Silesian side of the mountains. They even established a special foundation for Endler with the purpose of building a new mountain hostel.
The initial phase ended on 10 May, when the place for a new mountain hostel was found and established. The top of Szrenica was covered with piles of different size granite blocks.
In these difficult conditions, the construction site had to be created, and the greatest challenge of all – transport road from HalaSzrenicka had to be built.
On 11 September, foundation stone of the new mountain hostel was officially laid.
On 24 October, the walls and the roof were ready and the traditional blessing could take place.


On 19 December, first guests stayed at the mountain hostel.
Since that moment, Szrenica mountain hostel has been periodically modernised. Electricity was connected from SzklarskaPoręba, and power generators, which were very uncomfortable to operate, did not have to be relied on as the only source of power anymore.


In September, DolnośląskieTowarzystwoTurystyczno-Krajoznawcze (Lower-Silesian Tourist and Sightseeing Society) was established for the purpose of development of tourism in Karkonosze. The Szrenica mountain hostel was covered by their management plan. Unfortunately, in the 1950s, when the management constantly changed, the mountain hostel deteriorated.


In November, Orbis representing the State Treasury overtook the management of all mountain hostels.
Its role, however, was limited to financial and technical control.


The issue of expensive transport of fuel and selection of appropriate staff resulted in shutting most of the mountain hostels for the winter period.
Szrenica mountain hostel was closed for example in the winter 1948/1949.


From 27 June, all mountain hostels in Karkonosze were managed by the PTTK (Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society).


From that year, the Szrenica mountain hostel was closed waiting for a general reconstruction planned for 1969.


The works were still not commenced.
In January, a fire broke out in the mountain hostel, destroying about 70% of the roof. The remaining part of the building was saved.


In May, the decision to renovate the mountain hostel was made. The renovation works lasted on and off till 1991.


Szrenica Mountain Hostel was purchased and on 19 December, on the 70th anniversary of its establishment, re-opened by Mrs Barbara Kłopotowska.

Today, it is one of the best mountain hostels, with unique, family atmosphere.

Based on the work of Marek Wikorejczyk

SCHRONISKO GÓRSKIE "SZRENICA" 1362 m n.p.m. Szklarska Poręba

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