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About our mountain hostel
We would like to invite all enthusiasts of mountain hikes along scenic trails and the winter fun in Karkonosze (the Great Mountains ). You can make your holiday even more pleasant by staying at our mountain hostel "SZRENICA" located at 1362 m above the sea level.
Our mountain hostel is famous for its excellent cooking. Some of the favourites of our guests include pancakes with blueberries, "the mountain charm" (hot chocolate with rum) and famous Szrenicki cheesecake – an excellent way to store up some energy for further hike.
Apart from excellent food, SZRENICA is well-known for its distinctive atmosphere. We aim to provide to our guests the best services possible.
You can savour exquisite sunsets, take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the quiet surroundings away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
The mountain hostel offers a modern reception hall which is perfect for all kinds of integration events, celebrations, receptions, conventions and courses. Particularly memorable are our New Year’s Eve parties known in the whole of Karkonosze where dancing goes on till the early hours of the morning and you are guaranteed unforgettable time in unique surroundings.
Many guests choose SZRENICA also for Christmas and Easter holidays, when we celebrate all together. We sing carols during Christmas, and participate in food blessing for Easter Sunday breakfast.
You simply have to visit and see for yourself!

Szrenica Mountain Hostel is located at the top of the Szrenica Mountain (at 1362 m above the sea level), within the Karkonosze National Park, by the main hiking trail in Karkonosze (red), 300 m from the border with Czech Republic (15 min. to the tourist border crossing). It is an ideal base for tourists going on hikes on both Polish and Czech sides.

Getting there
From Szklarska Poręba by chairlift admiring the panorama of the Karkonosze and Jeleniogórska Valley .
On foot, along the red trail by the Kamieńczyk Waterfall.

The region
Interesting rock formations: Trzy świnki, Twarożnik, Końskie Łby.
These are granite blocks loosely pilled up forming striking shapes.
There are also other mountain hostels nearby: Vosecka Buda (15'), Hala Szrenicka (10'), Schronisko Pod Łabskim Szczytem (40').
Hike to Szklarska Poręba 1.5 hours
Hike to Kamieńczyk Waterfall 1 hour, to Śnieżka 6 hours
In Karkonosze snow cover is present for over 6 months a year. It is ideal for skiing.
Nearby there are 8 ski lifts (two chairlifts), 6 groomed ski runs of varied degree of difficulty.

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