Prywatne górskie Schronisko SZRENICA

The mountain hostel provides 90 beds.
It is open all year round.
We welcome both individual tourists and organised groups. Rooms for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 persons and a 15-bed dorm.
Three large dinning rooms, a reception hall where we can organise for you:
- seminars
- conferences
- courses
- New Year's Eve parties
- any other celebration

We also provide good wholesome home cooking, full-board, excellent cakes.
The house speciality: pancakes with ricotta, blueberries and cream.

Prices of food are between PLN 6.00 and PLN 22.00.
Hot meals are served only till 7:00 pm, the canteen is open till 8:00 pm.


  room type   room without sink room with sink
  1 person price per one bed 45zł 50zł
2 persons price per one bed 37zł 40zł
3 persons price per one bed 34zł 36zł
4 persons price per one bed 32zł  
5 persons price per one bed 30zł  
6 persons price per one bed 28zł  
15 persons price per one bed 25zł  


price for bed sheets, cover and pillowl 8zł
climate fee 1,95zł

Pictures of the restaurant area

Room pictures


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